Small Payment Areas for Playstation Does Not Cost Customer his Mortgage

A small payment arrears for a playstation may not, according to the court, cost a customer his mortgage. A consumer bought a new playstation at Ganpla department store on installment. He could not pay the last five payment terms of 13 euros. And even though the gap was only 65 euros in total, that cost him almost his mortgage.

A2-coding ASD by playstation

Ganpla reported the arrears at the ASD as an A2 code. Even after the customer had reversed the backlog, this coding was maintained. As a result of the negative ASD registration, the customer could no longer take out a mortgage for a property that he wanted to take over from his tenant. The judge had the ASD code removed, because the consumer was disproportionately punished for a small payment arrears.

Lawsuit against Ganpla

Fortunately, the consumer – who was self-employed at the time of the payment arrears – could immediately buy the rented house immediately after a right was spoken. And his monthly expenses were therefore 150 euros lower than the rent. With his own company, he achieved an operating result of almost 50,000 euros in 2017. In 2018 he was employed and even with a salary of 3,200 per month he would not be able to take out a mortgage, according to the mortgage advisor. And all this because of a coding with the Bureau Credit Registration. Borrowing money with ASD for a home is virtually impossible.

Meaning A2 coding

With an A2 code, a lender such as Ganpla can claim the debt in one go. In that case, a credit agreement is also canceled. In this case, Ganpla also started a collection agency and the man had to repay an amount of 666 euros in one go.

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