How to Apply for Credits and Payday Loans

Today you can find endless options to acquire financing of various types, but the truth is that there are options that are much better than others because of its great benefits and flexibility when it comes to purchasing efficient financing.

One of these options is Caja Siete , since it provides all the services and advantages that you could imagine when choosing a personal loan or any other means of financing.

Caja Siete is a financial entity that has Canarian origin and works with private capital for more than 50 years of history. Its values ​​are based on the objective of being able to satisfy the financial needs of people, generating wealth as a company and transforming it into quality jobs and social benefits as a cooperative.

This being how Caja Siete is consolidated under the values ​​of integrity, professionalism, commitment and solidarity. Today it has more than 40,000 members and more than 90 offices, Caja Siete can provide a universal banking service to more than 200,000 satisfied customers who have placed their trust in this prestigious institution. You can also find in Caja Siete an ally for your finances, and if you want to know more about financing options, do not hesitate to continue reading:

Loans and personal loans of Caja Siete Online

Loans and personal loans of Caja Siete Online

One of the financing options that Caja Siete offers you, are practical personal loans designed to cover each individual need . Caja Siete knows that not all people have the same needs or economic capabilities, so it puts at your disposal different financing schemes in the form of personal loans so you can choose the one that best suits your personal situation. If you are interested in finding an effective, useful and quick way to finance your projects, do not hesitate to continue reading:

Seven Box Car Loan

All people need a way to transport us efficiently. However, every day it is more difficult to obtain a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle due to the high prices of these. That is why Caja Siete offers you the Car Loan, with which you can exchange your old and inefficient vehicle for a more current and much more efficient one, or acquire a new or used one for the first time.

Caja Siete allows you to finance almost any type of car you want to buy, regardless of whether it is new, used, agency, reseller or a sale between individuals.

If you want to know deadlines, fees and interest rates, get in touch with Caja Siete so that together you can design a personalized plan that suits you in its entirety, with which you can have at the end of that vehicle that you need so much.

Seven Payroll Loan

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need money urgently? Maybe you faced an unexpected expense, a high medical bill or an opportunity you could not pass up. Thinking about these situations, Caja Siete puts at your disposal the Siete Nóminas loan , with which you can have up to 7 times your payroll.

In this way, you will be able to face those financial unforeseen events, or give you that gift that you need so much and have been postponing, such as a trip, a concert, or your tuition. As an additional benefit, if you have a Seven Payroll Account , you will also have the option to get the advance of the total of 80% of your payroll, which will be useful for those days when you are without cash or need money urgently. Do not wait any longer and decide for this loan.

Young Loan Box Seven

Every day it is more evident that the needs of young people are different, as well as their possibilities and their economic situation. With this in mind, Caja Siete has set itself the task of designing a loan scheme for people under 31 who have specific needs.

A loan can be very useful for you to pay your tuition, for your first car, to pay for accommodation in a study trip or even to acquire the computer equipment you need. If you think so, do not hesitate to contact Caja Siete so that you can plan your loan in the most simple way, with preferential rates and terms to suit you.

Personal Loan Caja Siete

The most complete loan of Caja Siete is the personal loan , since it can be adapted to your needs and you can use it for any taste, trip, emergency or investment you wish to make. Nowadays it is very complicated to make large payments, since the solvency and liquidity of people varies depending on multiple factors.

But with a personal loan from Caja Siete, you can have the money you need to make that large expense, returning it in monthly installments that fit perfectly in your pocket for the period of years that best suits you. Remember that these loans are totally personalized, so you will have to contact Caja Siete so that an executive and you can create the perfect plan for you.

Caja Siete mortgages

Caja Siete mortgages

All people need a place of their own to develop and live with their family or loved ones, and the needs of each person and family are different. That is why we must all look for a way to acquire a home like the one we have always dreamed of. If you are looking for financing to buy a home, what you need is one of Caja Siete’s mortgages.

These are designed under different schemes that allow you to get the best out of each of the situations in which you find yourself. Whether you want to buy your first, second or even third home, you will surely find a financing plan that suits you. Remember that Caja Siete professionals can adapt any plan to make you as comfortable as possible.

Caja Siete Plus Mortgage

Looking for the greatest comfort and satisfaction of its clients, Caja Siete designs the Caja Siete Plus Mortgage. This mortgage is designed to make the purchase of your home easier, either the first or the second.

If it is for your first home, you will have a Euribor + 1.49% rate . The requirements are that your monthly income is greater than 1,500 euros and you have at least 3 receipts domiciled in Caja Siete, as well as an electronic bank with active virtual mailbox and a home and life insurance with RGA. For your second home, the requirements are very similar, with the difference that the Euribor rate is + 1.75%.

Mortgage General Cajasiete

This is a mortgage for you that Caja Siete puts at your disposal to buy a first or second home. This loan adjusts to your financing needs completely and offers you to improve the fixed interest rate if you hire other products, as well as the possibility of creating personalized conditions and adapting them to your needs. Do not hesitate and go to an office to get more information about it.

Naval Mortgage Cajasiete

This is an option that few financing companies offer you. Many people have the dream of owning a boat, and stop before doing so because they think it is an impossible dream, or incredibly expensive, to such an extent that they will never be able to coast. For all these people, Caja Siete offers you the Naval mortgage with which you can finally own a boat.

On the other hand, if you already have one, with this mortgage you can also reform it so that it looks and works as you have always wanted. Whether for the pure taste of the sea, or for business purposes, a boat is always a very profitable investment that we will not regret. Get in touch as soon as possible with the Caja Siete professionals, who will give you the best interest rates, terms and other benefits so that you can fulfill this dream.

Advantages of the loans and mortgages of Caja Siete

Advantages of the loans and mortgages of Caja Siete

As you have seen, there are many advantages to hiring a personal loan or mortgage in Caja Siete. Here we summarize its advantages and benefits for you to realize that it is the best option available to finance all your housing projects, professional and personal.

  • Personal attention and available at all times.
  • Telephone banking service, online bank and mobile banking at no additional cost.
  • Possibility of contracting different financial instruments such as accounts, payroll, insurance, loans and mortgages.
  • An office near you to carry out procedures.
  • Simple, fast and practical processes without long rows and excessive documentation.
  • Loan and mortgage schemes adapted to the needs and capabilities of each person.
  • Convenient interest rates and flexible terms to return the payment.
  • Various investment tools, pension and pension plans.

Customer Service and Online Banking of Caja Siete

Customer Service and Online Banking of Caja Siete

Caja Siete is characterized by having a very efficient and easily accessible customer service. You can get in touch with them online, phone, mobile or in the offices and ATMs. Here we tell you more about each one:

Internet Banking

Caja Siete uses Ruralvia so that you can manage your money in the most simple, efficient and comfortable way, since from this application you can contract financial products, check balances, movements, operate your accounts and carry out any other operation. The online banking allows you to have attention 365 days a year, 25 hours, and you can access it from any place that has an Internet connection service.

Another way to contact them is by emailing . In this way you can get in touch with a professional and detail all your questions, comments, complaints and suggestions about it.

Telephone banking

If you prefer to have a more personal communication, telephone banking will be very useful for you. Caja Siete telephones are always available so you can solve your doubts and perform regular banking operations such as checking your balances and movements.

Call the number 902 310 902 to receive help and guidance from an expert, avoiding unnecessary travel and taking advantage of the extensive and flexible schedule offered by Caja Siete to answer your questions.

Mobile banking

If you have a mobile phone, your life will be much simpler, because no matter where you are you can access your bank, ask for help and assistance, check balances and collection dates or even recharge your mobile phone. The most current versions have a fingerprint reader so you can get the most out of your mobile phone and keep your account always secure.

Additionally, you can choose to receive alerts by SMS and notices that will allow you to be always informed and aware of any movement or payment date next. Without a doubt it is an option that will allow you to manage your finances more efficiently while creating more solvency.

What are the basic requirements to apply for a loan at Caja Siete?

What are the basic requirements to apply for a loan at Caja Siete?

To obtain a loan in Caja Siete it is necessary that you have an account with them. Opening this account requires some requirements, but these are very easy to obtain. Go to your Caja Siete branch with an official personal identification, and ask for information on how to open an account and request a personal or mortgage loan.

Once you are in this situation, an executive will tell you more about the requirements and documentation necessary to apply for a loan. Although each type of loan has different characteristics, in essence they are very similar and very surely you already have everything you need to apply for your loan. Do not hesitate to approach, write or call to learn more about the basic requirements to get your loan or mortgage in Caja Siete.

How do you request a loan or loan in Caja Siete Online?

How do you request a loan or loan in Caja Siete Online?

To request a loan, mortgage or any other type of financing, you have to be a Caja Siete client. Achieving it consists of a very simple process which we will describe to you next.

  • Enter the official website of Caja Siete and click on the “Become a Client” section
  • Confirm an appointment date by completing the form that tells you with the following information:
    • Full name
    • Email
    • Telephone contact
    • Preferred schedule
    • Office or favorite area
    • Product to request
  • Additionally, you can write any questions you have about it.
  • Once your appointment is confirmed, you can go to any of the 90 branches where you will have exclusive attention, a wide schedule and free parking.
  • If you are under 31 years of age, you have the opportunity to become a Caja Siete customer completely online, only going once to the offices to sign the contract.
  • Once you are a Caja Siete customer, you can request not only the financing schemes such as loans and mortgages, but also the payroll, insurance and various savings instruments.

Remember that you can always check the official website of Caja Siete where you will find more information about it, as well as the different ways to get in touch with Caja Siete professionals to answer your questions.

Returns and extensions in CajaSiete

Returns and extensions in CajaSiete

Caja Siete knows how annoying it is to have to make payments in different branches and different accounts. These payments usually include commissions that should not exist, not to mention that a lot of time is lost by making huge lines. That’s why to facilitate your life, the monthly payments you make to repay your loan will be automatically charged to your Caja Siete account.

In this way, the only thing you will have to take care of is that your account has enough money to cover the monthly fee. This way you will be able to manage and manage your finances and your personal economy much more easily.

If for some reason you realize that you can not cover the cost of your fee, what you should do is contact the customer service of Caja Siete. Tell them your situation and together they can find a way to solve the problem, without it greatly affecting your pocket. Remember that Caja Siete always seek to help you meet your goals and be a much more solvent person.

Conclusion about Caja Siete

Box seven gives you all the benefits and advantages that you would expect from a banking institution, with the additional advantage of having 50 years of experience and many satisfied customers. You can get in touch with them through the Internet, telephone, mobile, or going to one of its 90 offices, where experts on the subject will advise you so you can easily find the option that suits you.

Caja Siete is a company that knows the local economic needs, so you will surely find a totally personalized and efficient way to finance your personal projects, entrepreneurship or any other kind. Get in touch with them and you will see how you find everything you looked for to finance your projects.


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