Best online payday loans direct lender -Direct lender loans are simple

At Adams Loans you can borrow up to DKK 75,000 and get the money paid today.

Direct lender loans are simple and straightforward with us

It is easy to apply for a direct lender loan with us:

  • Enter your information
  • Log in with nemid
  • Get a non-binding response in a matter of minutes

It’s both simple, easy and super fast to apply for a direct lender loan by clicking here. In addition, your information is secured by login with NemID, so you can be completely confident about the application.

Your benefits with a loan from Adams Loans

There are many benefits of an Adams loan. We have listed some of the best:

  • Low-interest rate. At Adams Loans you get a low and attractive interest rate.
  • Good monthly performance. Based on your criteria, your monthly performance is determined. Once you have received your loan offer, you can see your regular monthly payment. The loan can not rise over time, so keep your good and regular payment each month until the loan is paid out.
  • Pay whenever you want. If you want to settle the loan faster than planned or you can afford to pay the entire loan, you can do this free of charge. It does not cost anything. Therefore, you do not risk hanging on the loan if you do not need it in the meantime.
  • Fast answer. When you make a loan application, you’ll receive a quick response to your specific loan offer.
  • Quick payment. You can get the same day as you apply if you approve the loan in good time. In all cases, you will receive the loan no later than the following day.
  • Insurance. At Adams, Loans can opt for insurance on your loan. This insurance can cover your loan if you are going to be incapacitated or involuntary unemployment (ie, if you do not say yourself up).
  • It’s easy. It is very easy to apply for loans at Adams Loans. You can read more about this in the next section.

Who can get a loan from Adams Loans

It is possible for almost all Danes who are not in debt. Many consumer loans require you to be 20 years or more, but at Adams Loans you should only be official. In short, you must meet these simple requirements:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Have an annual income of at least 150,000 kr.
  • Not registered in RKI
  • Living in Denmark

If you meet these requirements, you are ready to make a non-binding application.